Please find links below to various audio recordings of the teaching that has been delivered at HBC in 2009/10. We still take recording of morning services but most users prefer CD versions. At the moment we don't plan any more uploads!

When in the monthly tab, just click the play button on the appropriate player, you can also adjust the volume and forward/rewind by using the other sliders.

If you would like copies to keep, please contact the church and we will send you the file.

Stuart Blackburn, Doreen Thornton 

Ian Geere, Tim Shire. 

Colin Owen, Clive Rotheram, Ian Geere, Neil Moore-Smith.

Ian Geere, Sarah Geere, Ian Geere, Doreen Thornton.

Ian Geere, Stuart Blackburn, Tim Shire, Peter Baker, Joyce Sawdon.

Stuart Blackburn, Ian Geere, Clive Rotheram.

Clive Rotheram, Doreen Thornton, Colin Owen, Joyce Sawdon.

Simon Rotheram, Colin Owen, Doreen Thornton. 

Stephen Ibbotson, Sarah Geere, Tim Shire, Stuart Blackburn. 

Colin Owen, Doreen Thornton, Simon Rotheram, Roy Teague, Mike Huck. 

Doreen Thornton, Joyce Sawden, Garry Sierra di Migni.