Visit from Jane Waites BMS

Posted by Steve Puddephatt on Sunday, July 19, 2015 Under: Events
Jane Waites came today, Sunday 19th July and shared with us some of what has been happening over recent years while she has been teaching at the International School in Tirana. Life has been busy there in a country of huge needs. Tirana now has street names and direction signs and working pedestrian crossings all to aid getting around a bit safer - you still have to watch out for random unmarked potholes big enough to disappear from view or prang your car. Jane can now park a car with millimeters of spare space...

We also saw a video that the school's students had created - better than many I've seen on YouTube (why not post it?).

We also  learnt that the country is still blighted by thousands upon thousands or cold war era bunkers which has wasted millions of £ lost for ever to the Albanian economy. The school is now working towards approval for teaching for the local Albanians, having already had approval from international and American regulatory bodies. They are also asking for pray for teachers to fill their outstanding needs for September.

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